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About Sherry Harris Our Mission
  I have been counselling for more than 25 years. The knowing that I needed to be a counsellor came to me in my early 40’s like a directive, a calling. After many years of doing challenging and diverse things, Mexican restaurant owner, squash club manager, teacher of squash, tennis and aerobics, software support, and finally company pilot, I knew there was something greater waiting for me. I went back to university (early years were in pre-med) earned a B.A. in Psychology and then my Masters in Social Work with a concentration in counselling. Then off to college for a degree in palliative care and later chemical dependency counselling. I continued to update my counselling abilities with studies in gestalt, transactional analysis, object relations therapy, family counselling, solution focused therapy, hypnosis, and on and on.

Continually learning techniques to enhance my counselling abilities is something I consider an important part of a evolving practice.

My early years as a counsellor were spent in the hospital sector being a counsellor in the cancer clinic, emergency and critical care. From there I went into family services working in several community family service and health care agencies. I had maintained a private practice while working in these places and in 2002 decided to go full time into my home based private practice. It has been the most rewarding decision of my life. Having clients come to the comfort and privacy of my home is an absolute delight. I love that I can offer them a private, safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to explore their issues. 

My style is very Rogerian based on deep respect and appreciation of the client. The client brings the issues and with my help decides the goals on which we will work My work is heart-centered and client focused, meaning that I respect the client knows what we need to explore and I support the client to take the lead and be proactive in their sessions. My experience comes by hearing between the lines and guiding us to where we need to be for greatest healing and expansion. 

In 1993 I was ordained as an interfaith minister in The Order of Melchizedek taking an oath to teach and heal 24/7 for the rest of my life. In 2008 I was ordained once more as an interfaith minister in The Voice for Love and there received my certification for spiritual teaching, healing, counselling and coaching.

Sherry has been on the spiritual quest for the last 25 years. At this time in her life she is comfortably resting in the teachings of non-duality which speaks to the essence of our life expression being timeless, boundless, and steeped in the foundation of love.


My mission is to help each person, couple and family to communicate more effectively with themselves and with others and to find the truth that resides within them--- the truth of their beingness, their essence  that brings them calm, balance and contentment. My goal as a counsellor is to help my clients to go within to find out who they are, why they are here, what they want from life and what they have to contribute to the greater whole (what is their purpose here).  

My goal is to offer deeply personal and rewarding counselling to each client, helping them to manifest good health, happiness and personal  success. We all have within us the keys for reaching our highest potential. Counselling provides the keys to help us find our path to that potential by releasing the limiting patterns, conditioning and thinking that holds us back from being our true self and creating our goodness, our greatness and our achievements.

My mission is to offer each new client a counselling session in the fastest possible time giving each client the respect, consideration, focused attention, privacy and comfort they deserve to achieve their counselling goals.
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Phone: 613-236-8852

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