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Couple and Family Counseling Our Mission

Couple Counselling

Sherry has created her own unique method of couple counselling that facilitates the couple not repeating in the sessions the useless and endless fights and stalemates that have brought them to counselling in the first place. Sherry helps couples to identify the areas in the relationship where they have lost the respect and trust that initially drew them together. Love without trust and respect is not love at all, but is shallow, empty and destructive. Sherry helps couples to rekindle the love and respect they once had for each other and if they cannot find it, she will help them to end their relationship in a kind, caring and respectful manner that shows to themselves and their children that they are loving, compassionate human beings who are simply no longer in love.

If you believe you still love your partner even if you are no longer 'in love', a caring relationship may be established that nurtures each partner bringing them back into the loving space where their partner's well-being is their greatest concern. If both people love themselves enough to put the other first, you have a magnificent relationship built on passion, trust, respect, and truth. Sherry's couple technique is geared to moving couples out of their stagnant patterns of communication into new realms of  open, honest sharing, caring and support. Respectful, honest communication is primary in creating a loving, supportive relationship.

Family Counselling

Sherry has created a special process that she uses with families that is fun and guaranteed to increase communication skills very quickly. She has been using this process for years with tremendous success. Family members from age 3 to 103 have delighted in her sessions and found their families opening up and sharing in ways that have never happened before. Families are  busier than ever these days with kids and parents being  involved in  so many activities outside the family, there simply isn't enough time for checking in to see how everyone is.  Family counselling provides a structured, safe, nurturing time and space for families to share their feelings--their want, needs and preferences for what each needs to feel appreciated, loved, and respected within the family unit. Even some of the teens who were dead set against coming to the family session happily reported it was the best thing they had ever done and that they learned so much about their parents they never knew. They said they felt more connected and actually wanted to keep the sharing going at home when our sessions stopped. Whether you have teenagers or adolescents, it is never too soon to teach them the value of sharing their feelings openly with each other and their parents.

Parents who have separated often come together with their children to help the kids through the break-up and the drastic changes to how the family functions. It gives the children a chance to ask questions, share their concerns, and express how they feel about the family changing. Parents in this case are given a good opportunity to role model respectful behaviour toward each other, signaling to the children that the changes will be handled with grace and understanding. It helps the children, no matter what age, to feel safe when it may feel as if their world in crumbling around them. Parents struggling with their own issues around a break-up feel better knowing their children have a safe place to talk.

My mission is to help each person, couple and family to communicate more effectively with themselves and with others and to find the truth that resides within them--- the truth of their beingness, their essence  that brings them calm, balance and contentment. My goal as a counsellor is to help my clients to go within to find out who they are, why they are here, what they want from life and what they have to contribute to the greater whole (what is their purpose here).  

My goal is to offer deeply personal and rewarding counselling to each client, helping them to manifest good health, happiness and personal  success. We all have within us the keys for reaching our highest potential. Counselling provides the keys to help us find our path to that potential by releasing the limiting patterns, conditioning and thinking that holds us back from being our true self and creating our goodness, our greatness and our achievements.

My mission is to offer each new client a counselling session in the fastest possible time giving each client the respect, consideration, focused attention, privacy and comfort they deserve to achieve their counselling goals.
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